SO about that debt…

It’s been a solid year since I decided to kill my debt.
Something was missing from that. It was all about me.

I didn’t insist my husband get on board. As the leader of my family, how did I think I could do this without him? I need him. I need his loving guidance and his heart to be on my team. Well this year, on Valentine’s Day, I bought us the Financial Peace University package!

That small change did it! He watched one video and was hooked! He’s ready to be on a team together and to keep us accountable. I’m officially starting on March 1st. I have my budget ready and we have even talked to a financial counselor and had a free consultation where we were asked, “Looks like you have this plan under control! What do you want from me?!” and how wonderful is that to have someone review everything with you and then tell you that they have no reason to charge you money because you have it all figured out.

Here’s praying to God for the wisdom to follow the plan for the grace to not deviate from it and for all the patience we need to get this done but the blessing to get it done quickly! Light our fire God! We are ready to let you lead with our money!

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