Exercise During Pregnancy

For all of my concerned or curious friends who wonder about working out and pregnancy. Medical research has proven it’s an absolute necessity and without it, many women are left obese and in pain. Please read this! Or at least my favorite parts that I highlighted!

I still do CrossFit because I feel GREAT! I feel absolutely amazing, I feel less discomfort, I feel strong and even though my little monkey decided to be breech AND so I have to have a C-Section now, I’m glad I’m in the best shape to heal…

Having had a few children already, I can tell you that this pregnancy has been amazing. I’m usually in love with being pregnant, but it meant putting up with pain and swelling and discomfort (and I found the joy in it anyway).

This one is different.

Not one day of cankles. Not one day of discomfort (that wasn’t related to a poor food choice hahaha). Every single time I had a sleepless uncomfortable night or a series of uncomfortable can’t sit can’t stand days was solved but what I had been eating….

Please read this article. Educate your self so that the next generation of mothers knows it can be so different.

Article from the Journal of the American Medical Association – with highlights



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