Homesteading in… Mexico??

September 17, 2015

I’ve always wanted to Homestead. The benefits and most of all, the lifestyle, have always appealed to me. My life situation has changed. There is a new person in my life. He’s amazing. He’s hardworking and he also prefers a “homesteading lifestyle”. Why the quotes you say? Well…. get this…. Homesteading where he is from, isn’t called “homesteading”. It’s called….Life.

He’s from a rural mountain village. Homesteading is all there is. I’m just so excited! How is it that I meet someone like that?! That life is all I have ever wanted and suddenly, without looking for him, here’s this guy that is from that same frame of mind and it just blows my mind! I mean there’s communities of people out there that have the same way of thinking, but I don’t meet them generally or certainly haven’t met one that I ended up dating 🙂 Now, that all changes.