Built with a super power!

God built me special. I have a great desire to physically work hard. I like to do challenging things. I like a good competition of ANY kind. I enjoy the idea of homesteading – as I’ve mentioned before.

Here is the puzzling thing! I find absolute and great JOY in building, growing animals, gardening… I also can be sloth like in my laziness – although having kids and so many of them has effectively cured me of this disease. The puzzling thing is I can spend endless amounts of money on conveniences of any type. I can even justify it to the grave! Like buying something I could make or produce at home; I would simply explain to myself that said purchase was more efficient due to the lower prices per pound of said product this manufacturer is able to produces simply because the quantity they buy in reduces their cost – therefore it’s a better “deal” to buy this donut because you know me making this donut would cost me more time and more money! Lol. Seriously. Brainwash myself to get what I want.

Tonight I feel like I was given this gift. It was made clear to me that although I enjoy the finer things in life and the conveniences, I am this freak that can also ENJOY THE JOURNEY and the toil of hard work!! I need to change my mindset.

This getting out of debt thing is a challenge. This is something that I can really really do! I need to look around and see where I can save and not spend. What we can eat that we already have, what we can make or make do with without having to spend money. I can do this! I love this stuff!

Finally, I’m excited about getting out of debt for the journey. For the challenge. Yes, being out of debt is going to blow my mind, but what I really love is the challenge! So cheers! Heres to extreme living for the enjoyment of the challenge and all its ways of getting to that debt free goal!

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